chasing Reese. featured in RedHot Romance’s magazine!

As an Indie writer, I heavily rely on blogs to help me spread the word about my work. There have been countless blogs who have aided me through my journey to earn the title of author. While I’m a long way from deserving the accolade, blogs like RedHot Romance are definitely helping me get there.

Credit: RedHot Romance Issue 6 10 September 2015

Credit: RedHot Romance Issue 6 10 September 2015

RedHot Romance has featured chasing Reese. in their weekly magazine. I’m thrilled, humbled, and immensely honored for the opportunity to showcase my work. Thank you from the bottom of my swollen heart. Make sure to check out all the authors included in their sixth issue!

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P.S. If you are an author or writer, and would like to submit a request to RedHot Romance, whether it be a teaser, share a new release or sale, please visit their submissions page.

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