I #amEditing finding Reese.

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been working on self-edits on finding Reese hence my lack of activity as of late. I’m trying to get this manuscript as clean and concise as I possibly can before it lands in the hands of my editor who will make this baby shine.

As a new writer in the Indie community, the release that follows your debut is one of the hardest; either you swim, or you’ll sink. A follow-up defines you as a writer, and it’s no secret I’ve been a little nervous with this book for quite some time. I never intended on making SAFELIGHT a series; it was a screenplay I wrote as part of therapy during a terrible depression I went through back in 2013. I’m glad I did though, and I’ve been blessed with readership that has been demanding-quite ferociously might I add-for this book in particular.

As I was editing this scene, I knew the instant I re-read it I needed to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh… Release Day is coming sooner rather than later. I will be making an announcement very soon.

Love you madly,


Stryder’s hands take hold of my neck, and his lips kiss mine with an intensity I haven’t quite felt before; love, affection, trust, and desire sealed into one amazingly perfect kiss.

“I love you, Catalina. I will think about you every day, dream of you at night, and look forward to having your skin wrapped around mine. I hope you understand no matter what happens I will love you unconditionally. I’m just scared of losing you.

“Sometimes I feel so unworthy of you because your soul is so heart-crushingly beautiful and I’m just−me. A part of me feels I went through that shit with Olivia because you were meant to walk into my life to help me realize why it never worked out with her or anyone else. It was because fate had you in store for me.”

His sincerity moves my soul, and now more than ever I understand why he’s been out of sorts after his phone call. My hands rise to his face to cup his jaw, and my eyes gaze into his which look greener than usual with the morning light filtering through the windowpane.

“Why do you say such beautiful things, Stryder? Like you, I feel undeserving of this love, but I guess that’s why God brought us together. I used to roll my eyes at those scenes in movies where the protagonists go over the top with their love declarations, but now I totally get it. It’s not cheesy when your heart knits feelings into words. I had it so wrong.”

Stryder kisses the tip of my nose and rises to stand. Extending his hand, he helps me up and brings me close to his chest, and declares, “You are everything to me.”

©Imy Santiago, 2015−ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



  1. Shirley Wilkinson. ( Mercia) · April 19, 2015

    I love it! I love it! I love it! Take your time Imy, to make this wonderful story all that it can be. And I will read it with tears in my eyes. Tears of happiness ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • imysantiago · April 19, 2015

      I’m so happy you love it! You’ve been waiting so patiently, and I want to make sure I deliver the goods the RIGHT way. Thank you for your unwavering support! x


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