Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing

Several weeks ago I was approached by Inks and Scratches Literary Magazine, and its fearless leader, Diana Nixon, to write an #article geared towards peers and up-and-coming #writers and #authors. I wrote a small piece titled “Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing“. I’m pleased to announce the #February Edition of Inks and Scratches is now #LIVE! You can ‪#‎OneClick‬ now.

Kindle Edition
Paperback Edition

I’m immensely humbled and honored. Thank you, Author Diana Nixon, for the incredible opportunity. ♥

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Sneak Peek: KING’S REIGN

Hey, Internet!

I’ve been writing multiple projects since finding Reese. released last May. Between saving Reese., We Met on a Train, and Sonnets of Pain, you’d think my brain would say, “Hey, get these done!” Right?

Nope. A week ago a new character showed up to the rave that is my brain, and started knocking elbows with Jackson and Evan. He made his presence known, his voice yielding so much creative energy. While I haven’t abandoned my outstanding writing projects, I think Brooklyn Abella and Rayden King have taken over the steering wheel.

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I share with you the first sneak peek of my upcoming novel King’s Reign. While I haven’t written a synopsis yet, I know it will be a new entry in my Adult Contemporary Sports Romance catalogue with a vague release date of “Coming Soon”. Please note the following material is unedited, there’s a layman’s copyright in place, and may be subject change as the project moves along.

Having said that, are you ready?

“Miss?” he asks again, his dark eyes locking with mine. I simply nod, and inwardly curse myself for my sudden inability to form a word — let alone an entire sentence — to let this man know I’m okay.

“We’re doctors. I need a first aid kit!” I hear Cody call to the bartender, who immediately retrieves a kit from one of the white cabinets behind the bar. The perfect stranger keeps applying pressure to my wound, and only lets go when Cody stands before me with gauze pads and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. I look at the alcohol bottle in his hand and grimace. When I was a kid, my mom used it to clean my scraped knees, and I always cried because it always hurt. Cody must sense my apprehension because he smiles down at me reassuringly.

“Sorry, babe, this is going to sting,” he says, before wiping the blood away with an alcohol swab. I hiss in a long breath, trying my damnedest to mitigate the pain. It feels like my shin is on fire.

The perfect stranger takes hold of one of my hands into his own, and squeezes it gently, all while looking into my eyes. Despite Cody’s ministrations, the burning sensation of the alcohol singeing my skin quickly evaporates. The man’s lips turn upwards, and for some odd reason I feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. The smile etched on his features is perfect, and from the corner of his plump lips, two deep — and rather adorable — dimples emerge. Hook, bait, and sinker.

I need to remind myself of two important things: one, it’s bad manners to gawk, and two, Brooklyn, close your damn mouth. I am fascinated by his presence, and it scares me a great deal to feel suddenly so interested in someone I never met before, especially following the events that led me to this very place.

It’s possible someone in my shoes would be jaded — heartbroken even — but the one thing my mom taught me well is that you attract what you want in life simply by your intentions and positive thinking. Perhaps I was wrong in assuming the world pities me; it may be I’m encouraging kindness with my own actions… Ever since I came to terms with the reality that my relationship with Jessie wasn’t going anywhere, all I’ve ever truly wanted was to be courageous and kind in hopes of finding that special someone who shares my values. I guess I want to love, and be loved in return.
©2015 Imy Santiago – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I hope you liked it, and I look forward to sharing more in the not so distant future. Thank you for your unwavering love and support, and don’t forget to make it rain. *winks*