An open (tipsy) letter to Amazon

This doesn’t seem to be an isolated case. Thank you for sharing, Lori.

Lori L. Otto, author

Dear Amazon,

I am a self-published author. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, but I’ve been publishing through your site for a little over three years now. Overall, I love as a consumer. You’re my go-to site for any online purchase, and I appreciate the great deals and service you provide.

This isn’t about me, the consumer.

This is about me, the author.

I’m a nobody… at least I started out that way. In March of 2011, I decided to self-publish my first novel. I’d wanted to go the traditional route, but I couldn’t find an agent to take a chance on my atypical romance with (apparently) far too many words. So after getting my friends and family to edit (for months) and going through many storyline variations, Emi Lost & Found was born. I was proud… but I was a nobody.

At the time, I was very…

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  1. Rita · July 3, 2015

    Amazon knows about your interactions with authors the same way they post recent searches on your social networking pages. There are data bots who search for every incidence of your online efforts. Hence, they know. The real issue is why someone known to an author is not able to comment? Does that mean all the attendees at the recent Historical Novel Society are now banned from commenting on any of the speakers’ works? Are genuine fans no longer allowed to comment on their favorite authors’ works? The whole concept is absurd especially since it is really the trolls they should be concerned with. People who pan books in favor of others or just for sport. if Amazon were fare, they’d look at all your reviews and your blog before commenting. That said, please send me ten percent of the money you received from writing good reviews. 😉 Where is Taylor Swift when we need her?


  2. Valerie Byron · July 3, 2015

    Yes, this has happened to me. I purchased The Song of the Underground by the fabulous British author, Wendy Reakes, and was not allowed to post a review simply because SHE had posted a review about my book, No Ordinary Woman. Amazon needs to cut legitimate reviewers some slack in this regard. It is outrageous.


  3. I had a similar problem. Even before I became an author, I did many reviews on my Amazon profile. One day, all my reviews disappeared because Big Brother Amazon thought I was receiving money for my reviews (or knew the author). I didn’t complained. I threatened Amazon, with media exposure, and even with law sue if they continue it. I’m a lawyer and I know my rights.
    On the next day, I received an email with apologies and all my reviews were there again.
    But this has happened to a few friends of mine who were part of my reading circle and had their reviews of my books deleted.

    Amazon stalk us!

    This is about me, the consumer. This is about me, the author. This is about us, who have a right to support whomever we want (or not). This is about us, who have a right to keep our lives private.

    Let’s our voice be heard!

    Cristiane Serruya


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