❀.¸¸.✿.¸¸.❀COMING SOON ❀.¸¸.✿.¸¸.❀ finding Reese. .¸¸.❀by Imy Santiago❀.¸¸.✿.¸¸.❀

Check out this lovely feature by the amazing folks at Indie Impressions for my upcoming novel finding Reese.

Indie Impressions

finding Reese.
a SAFELIGHT novel vol. 2 by Imy Santiago

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance with Mature Content


Hope Breeds Life…

Sometimes destiny and fate have a weird way of reminding us of our inescapable vulnerability, but more importantly our inexorable humanity. Life is fleeting, and what little time we have left in this world, we must make do with what we have, and cherish those whom we love by our side.

Fresh back from the Jackson Reese Press Tour, sports journalist Catalina Pardo rushes back to British Columbia after receiving unexpected and distressing news. With the help of award winning photographer Stryder Martynus, Catalina is determined to prevent the news of tragedy and heartbreak from governing her life again.

Together they will embark on a new journey of introspection to overcome the ghosts and raw emotions of their pasts−on a long and unpredictable road full of complicated circumstances−to find healing…

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